Whether your event, occasion or wedding theme is traditional, vintage, boho or cottage garden, there’s no doubt that  flowers will bring life, beauty, colour and fragrance to your special day. But with so many beautiful blooms out there, how do you choose blooms to convey those secret meanings?  My clients often feel that they should know exactly what they want – you don’t!  That’s what your florist is for, choose your florist wisely as their experience, knowledge, creativity will be on hand to advise and guide you – the result? Flowers that fit the brief perfectly and are memorable as well as meaningful.

The Language of Flowers (floriography) dates back to the Victorian era, with writers and scholars applying meaning to different flora. Choosing flowers based on their history and symbolism is a special way to add even more sentiment to your day.

With this in mind, I’ve selected a few florals below that bring beauty and meaning to a wedding bouquet or event.


Beautiful, bold anemones come in a huge range of colours. As a family, they represent expectation and anticipation — fitting emotions for a wedding day!  Flowering from late Autumn to Spring, they’re an ever-popular option for winter wedding ceremonies.


With its wealth of forms and range of colours, this Summer and Autumn favourite represents a commitment and bond that lasts forever — a perfect accompaniment to those wedding vows! From the dusky pink Cafe Au Lait in summer to the deep burgundies of autumn, this beauty is sure to bring colour and texture to your event decor and bouquets.


Definitely one for the romantics! Roses represent love and beauty, with specific meanings depending on which colour you choose. Red roses represent passionate love, white roses symbolise innocence and purity, and pink roses depict joy and gratitude.  It’s no wonder they’re the flower of choice for so many weddings.


Sunflowers turn their heads to follow the sun as it moves through the sky, which is why they symbolise loyalty and adoration. These uplifting flowers are perfectly suited to rustic and country themed gatherings — and are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.


Hydrangeas are a perfect choice for big and bold displays (they definitely have the wow factor!) or as a base for a bouquet. Representing understanding and heartfelt emotion, this bloom comes in a spectrum of colours and shapes — from the big and blousy mop head to long, elegant panicles, there’s one for every style of event.


In Victorian times, orchids were only found in the tropics and were a sign of luxury, magnificence, splendour and a show of refined tastes. Nowadays they are much more readily available but retain their status of delicate elegance and beauty. White tends to be the orchid of choice for most weddings with a traditional style and symbolises innocence and purity as well as elegance and reverence.

And don’t forget herbs and foliage!

Our green friends are just as important, it’s not just flowers that have to take all the limelight.

Rosemary is a wonderful option with it’s gorgeous texture and scent. It’s also a symbol of remembrance.  Eucalyptus is an all round favourite with it’s grey/green colour, scent and longevity fresh or dried.

Or if you’re looking to add a royal touch, how about a sprig of myrtle? This evergreen shrub is a traditional inclusion in royal wedding bouquets, symbolising hope and love.


This is only a few examples, if you have an event coming up, do get in touch, I love to talk flowers!

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