Mind, Body & Soul: The Power of Flowers

Wellbeing, mindfulness, mental health…….all phrases and sayings we hear and see so much about in the media, news and everyday life. So what does it all mean?

As someone who was diagnosed with severe depression 6 years ago, believe me when I say I looked at all of these things and more to try and ‘fix’ my mind in a way that did not require medication and medical intervention. That magic cure. It’s not there, trust me.

To me, the definition of mindfulness is much simpler than it sounds; it’s a focus, something that ignites the senses. For some it may be painting, running, jigsaws, pottery….for me, it was and still is flowers. Learning floristry all those years ago was my mindfulness – a FOCUS that takes you away from the everyday.

Sight, smell, touch, sound……FOCUS…….the magic that drowned out the noise that was in my mind. This is actually how my previous business, Flowers by Catherine, came about.  But this blog isn’t about me or in any way a prescription, it is about the power of flowers and how they evoke ‘wellbeing’ at its most basic level.

How do you feel when someone gives you flowers? Do you look at them, smell them, study them? When you send them, are you sending a message of happiness, condolence, love? A florist’s power is translating those messages into flowers.

Benefits of Flowers & Plants – The Science

Flowers ignite creativity, inspiration, new ideas and the clarity to problem solve. Don’t take my word for it, all of these are scientifically-proven positive effects of plants and flowers in the world around us.  They generate a boost in mood and general happiness. The scent of lavender & jasmine reduces heart rate & blood pressure which can help you to relax, the more relaxed you are the more likely you are to have restful sleep. Rosemary is shown to improve memory recall.

Does the smell of some flowers trigger memories for you? Maybe of a loved one, your wedding, a surprise bouquet? Have you been on a floral workshop? How did you feel before, during and afterwards? Powerful hey!?

Growing Your Own

During the COVID pandemic, many of us spent time in the garden, growing, planting, watching things grow. Or walking and spending time in and around nature. It is now easier than ever to grow your own plants, flowers & vegetables, no matter how small a garden you have or even if you have one at all. How satisfying is it to plant a seed, watch it grow and flower in all it’s glory?

Find Your Power

Learning a new skill and taking ‘mindful’ time out for yourself improves both mental AND physical wellbeing. So many creatives share tips, techniques and how-to’s at all levels of complexity online, on social media, on TV and in magazines.  It’s never been easier to access learning, whatever the subject.

This past few years has been and will continue to be a challenge for so many of us in so many ways, right across the world. Now more than ever it has become a necessity to look after ourselves and each other and I hope that encouraging more creativity and positivity will benefit ourselves and those around us. Find your FOCUS and see where it takes you.

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